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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

[Game review] Sonic Runners (Android) (2015)

The game (version 1.1.1.) is tested on Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus.

Sonic Runners Teaser Trailer (SEGA)

Taking place after Sonic Colors, Dr. Eggman (known in the first games as Dr. Robotnik) has once again started to kidnap innocent animals (a plot similar to earlier Sonic-games). Sonic and his friends must go and rescue their friends and defeat Dr. Eggman - one more time.

What do I think of the game?

I'm a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan and I love playing Sonic Dash - a free-to-play endless runner game - on my iPad 2. So when I learned that Sonic Runners would be another endless runner, I was very astonished. But there are (big) differences between these two games.

While Sonic Dash (developed by Hardlight) is a 3D (sort of 'third person') endless runner similar to Temple Run, Sonic Runners (developed by Sonic Team) is an endless side-scroller.

Sonic Runners can't be played offline (which is a huge disadvantage) and unfortunately, this is not the game's only problem. It takes too long for the game to connect to its servers, and the loading times are too long.

When I played Sonic Runners the first time and had to type in a username, for some reason it took time (too long!) to open up the virtual keyboard. This made me think the game had frozen.

It was possible to play the tutorial missions (although with some lags) but afterwards, it was impossible to play the game. Because of the many 'pop-up' advertisements, the game suffered from constant crashes.

So on a Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, the game isn't playable at all!

Otherwise, Sonic Runners would have been a great mobile game title if everything worked. The animated characters (based on the post-Sonic Adventures era) look great as usual and the game is a nostalgia trip back to first Sonic-games developed by Sonic Team. I'm not too fond of the modern Sonic-music - I still prefer the classics such as the theme for Green Hill Zone (found in the first game for Sega Mega Drive in 1991).

There's one good thing with the game though. Since you're forced to register in order to play the game, it's possible to 'transfer' your progress to other devices. So hopefully you'll find one device where Sonic Runners is fully playable.

But for now - if you own a Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus - avoid this game until it gets fixed (if Sonic Team decides to fix it at all).

Score: Full Star YellowEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star

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