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Friday, 17 July 2015

Why I've decided to write reviews on my blog instead of directly on Google Play

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One of the reasons I started this blog (besides running my YouTube-channel Stormtrooper Sverige) is to share with you my thoughts of (mobile) games and movies I've watched. At the moment I'll only cover movies still being shown at cinemas.

I've written a few reviews of mobile games found on Google Play in the past. While it's possible to write how much you want in a Google Play-review of an app or a movie, I don't think the space offered by Google is good enough because of two things:

1. Formatting is impossible

As you may have discovered, I'm not fond of too much text without spaces. It looks like a forest of words and it makes the whole text difficult for me to read. I prefer texts divided in sections with some space between them.

This is impossible to do in a Google Play-review: No matter how hard I try, Google Play always puts all of the sentences behind each other.

2. Only the first sentences in a long review will appear (on a handheld device)

I experienced this when I wrote a long text about why I dislike Spider-Man Unlimited. This is a huge problem since other Google Play-users won't be able to read my full reviews on their handheld Android-devices. At the moment, it's only possible to read full texts if you're browsing through Google Play with a personal computer.

Please note that this isn't 'just another entertainment-blog' written by a private person for the Internet. And it won't be a blog where I speculate rumours (e.g. possible plots) about movies and (mobile) games. It's simply a blog about me and my daily experiences, either online or offline.

Although I've just started this blog recently, I hope you've enjoyed following it so far. If you like my blog and my YouTube-channel, please subscribe to them and comment on my videos and blog posts. It means a lot to me and encourages me to continue sharing things with you.

(If you're new to the blog and don't know why I dislike Spider-Man Unlimited, you may read it here.)

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