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Thursday, 6 August 2015

[Game review] Pixels Defense (Android) (2015)

This game was tested on a Lenovo A10 tablet.

A gameplay video of Pixels Defense. (TouchArcade / Bandai Namco)

Pixels Defense is a short and easy Tower Defense game which is loosely based on the movie Pixels.

In the game, you help the protagonists from the movie (Sam Brenner, President Will Cooper, Ludlow Lamonsoff, Toru Iwatani and Lady Lisa) protect the cities New York, London, Paris and Sydney from the invading aliens (which have taken the forms of various video game characters from classic arcade games of the 80s).

Despite the fact that the game only had 12 levels, the dialogues sometimes came in wrong places, and it was sometimes difficult to control the protagonists, I enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed watching Pixels.

In fact, Pixels Defense has become my favourite game developed by Bandai Namco!

Unfortunately, the game can't be played on either iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus.

Score: Full Star YellowFull Star YellowFull Star YellowFull Star YellowHalf Star Yellow

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