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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bastille Day 14-07-15

Today (14 July) is France's National Day, known in English-speaking countries as Bastille Day, after the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 as seen in this drawing below, by the French painter  Jean-Pierre Louis Laurent Houël (1735-1813).

Prise de la Bastille

In the center of the painting, you can see the arrest of Bernard René Jourdan, marquis de Launay (1740-1789) - the French governor of the Bastille.

From what I understand, the French people don't say phrases like "Happy National Day" or anything similar to each other during their celebrations. This has also been described by the blogger je parle américain a few years ago.

So instead, I'll simply say "Happy vacation" to all of you who celebrate the Bastille Day and I hope you have a great day!

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